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  1. debug log

    i will get the debug log tonight, once i'm off work. thanks for the quick response!

  2. ScanXL software error -- Protocol Unknown

    Hi there,

    I tried patching into my PCM -- its a 1996 Impala SS lt1 w/ 4l60e. I get the error "Protocol Unknown" -- what could this mean? I have tried two different scan-tools, with the same...
  3. Need help with All-In-One OBD2 scan tool "Protocol Unknown" error

    Hi guys,

    A bit about the project -- I dropped a 1996 impala ss LT1/4l60e into my old Jaguar xj6 -- the car started up, but the tranny only went in reverse and 3/4th gear. I read up on trouble...
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