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  1. Thank you for the link. Here is what might...

    Thank you for the link.

    Here is what might seem a dumb question. What happens if unbalanced signal is sent to balanced input?
    I understand that with balanced signals, the are two signal wires...
  2. Unbalanced to balanced converter needed

    I am in desperate need to feed audio from tablet/phone/etc, which is unbalanced as far as I know, to an amplifier that takes balanced differential signal.
    I ordered JL CL-RLC (click for info), but...
  3. What are my options for running raspberrypi/odroid 24/7?

    I have been rather surprised when I found out that my car battery pi died after about 3 days with raspberry pi running.
    A bit of a disappointment since my projects is no go until power issue is...
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    Perfect fit Double-Din LCD/Display

    I don't see many people using a perfect fit display for double-din. Why is that?
    I have been looking into buying 8-8.1" 16:9 lcd/panel/display. The active area of such screen matches double-din size...
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