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    RFID key (another post)

    so i have an e46 BMW and i want an rfid key! the new bimmers have this option... the doors unlock when you touch them and you can only start the car with the key in the car...

    so, i read through...
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    OBD-II ISO protocol (BMW)

    Anyone know of any monitoring projects/code for this? I saw one link... but it's apparently broken. :-(

  3. yes, windows does that EXCEPT when playing...

    yes, windows does that EXCEPT when playing audio/video. so that means i would have to stop winamp and all that stuff... which is just a pain. if i write my own app, i can force hibernation anyway....
  4. Power up question ... (engineer opinions?)

    Lemme start out by saying I'm a grad of the Va Tech Computer Science dept and I've also taken some computer engineering classes... so I have a better-than-average grasp on electronics...
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