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    Great work you guys, especially Mickz I bought...

    Great work you guys, especially Mickz
    I bought one of these boards hoping that soon someone would write a plugin but in the meantime I just added a to REBORN
    I'm a newbie to skinning so...
  2. Resizing GMPC 50070 to fit DFX5.1.2 skin at 1024x768 resolution

    I want to run GMPC 50070 in RR (2013) with DFX5.1.2 skin on a 17" 4:3 LCD display at 1024x768.
    When I press the Garmin button on menu 1 it opens the GMPC display at Full Screen
    for a second then...
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    DFX5.1.2 skin GMPC not full screen

    This is my first post on the forum so please bare with me.
    I'm planning to install RR with DFX5.1.2 skin on HP DC7900 dualcore ultraslim pc
    and mount in a 40' coach (RV). The display will be a 17"...
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    Donating in AUTO APP MART

    My first post on MP3Car.
    I logged into the APPMART and wanted to download
    the DFX5.1.2 Skin for RideRunner
    Question is, I use PayPal for all of my purchases on the Web
    can i use it to...
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