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  1. (Kenwood) Steering Remote Control signal interface??

    Is anyone aware of any resources or people who have done work in the way of specifying the remote control signal interfaces to various head units?

    I'm looking specifically for Kenwood's digital...
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    I'm trying to track down the same info but for...

    I'm trying to track down the same info but for Kenwood. From my initial searching, you are the ONLY other person trying to do the same as me.

    I'm using the SWI-JACK from PAC Audio but I can't...
  3. Hm?

    Alright you lost me...can you elaborate on what the VIA EPIA and the M1ATX? Thanks

  4. Mac OS X/Linux/WindowsXP ... Pros/Cons of each?

    What OS do you guys recommend? I am looking at starting a carputer project in my 2004 4Runner Sport, and I think this is the first question to answer. I am leaning toward the Mac Mini. I love Mac,...
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