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    I just finished modding my laptop to accept a on trigger from a external source. I will post a video upon successful boot.:puke:
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    Here is pics

    Here is the stuff i have all ready....
    Any suggestion for a screen that is just vga?
    Also i ill take recommendations for a usb sound card.....
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    1999 Cirrus..."laptop install"

    Now before you get all over my butt about using a laptop, I am really not. My dads laptop was purchased in 06' or 07' and was mainly for sermon writing. Nothing to powerful but got the job...
  4. Car?

    Is that a Doge Durango?
    My bro has one..
    Nice case to the side of the trunk..
    Is that the PC case?
    What do you use for your second battry?
    How do you charge the 2nd battry?
    Is it tyed to the...
  5. People are selling 3.5 inch oled displays.....

    People are selling 3.5 inch oled displays.....
  6. cool

    Thanks, when you get it tell me how screen rez looks. .
    Also, Can you tell me how the Mic is hooked up?
    Dose it show up as a USB MIC?
    Then can you tell me how well it moves the VGA screen?
  7. How were you going to use the audio features? I...

    How were you going to use the audio features? I have amps. I don't see how you could rout the FM radio back to the main sound output. Unless you were planing on using a second set of speakers?
  8. Diy

    DIY stuff is ALWAYS better. The HVAC automation is all my own stuff. I also install all of my systems. (that it be car alarms or BIG sound systems) I can never trust anyone to do it right the FIRST...
  9. Auto Page???

    Never heard of this system...
    Sounds good....
    I will have to look it up
  10. Ee

    Hi, i am a EE at the University of Akron and if you guys need any help let me know...
    I was thinking that I was going to digitize my HVAC too and it uses a Resistor network on the ground side of the...
  11. 3 words

    Viper Car Alarm......

    I have a 5900 viper car alarm and it caught 3 people in the act :mod:.... The only time I got caught with my "pants down" was when the alarm was unplugged during an install....
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    What is my new heading?

    Hi, I have a Chrysler cirrus and the $400 flip out head unit in my car got stolen(%^&# :censored:). Soooo, I was in the market for something new. I always liked car PC's and wanted to do it. I...
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    is it still availibel and what is the price

    is it still availibel and what is the price
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