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  1. Backup camera help / How to connect RF wire? PLEASE!

    OK here's the story. I bought a lilliput 629gl on here years back for my carpc. I eventually took out said PC but left the screen in my car. Currently it's not being used by anything. Because of...
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    HELP! (with pics)

    Hey guys, I bought all I needed for my install and wanted to solder the power switch to the modem so its ready for tomorrow but I did something wrong!!

    I soldered 2 wires to the correct pins on...
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    Delay before Lilliput kicks in?!

    Hey guys. When I start my Acer laptop up connected to my 7" Lilliput 629 it doesnt start displaying anything until the desktop comes up. I wanted to make a custom boot screen, but there's no point...
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