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    2002 Chevy Impala Carputer...

    Well, that was quite a build for your Impala and it's a shame that you totalled it after a few months of completion.

    I have a 2002 Impala and did a much simpler setup with a laptop stored in the...
  2. Viliv X70 as Carputer...

    Hey guys,
    I purchased this from a few months ago when it first became available. The first thing I did was reformat the drive with Windows 7 and it runs great. I bought this device...
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    Well, I'd be curious myself, but one thing that's...

    Well, I'd be curious myself, but one thing that's a red flag is the specs that the ebay listing has. He's got the contrast ratio at 500:1 and brightness at 400cd/m2. If you actually go to the...
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    What in the heck is that thing!?!

    Ok, I've seen that device under sticky section.

    I just want to be able to use the wires that I had Best Buy install for me on an inverter that has the power terminals. I don't need a huge device...
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    Fan Noise from 200 Watt Inverter...

    Hey folks,
    So, I currently have a 200 watt Black 'n Decker inverter that is parked under my driver's seat and wired directly to the car's battery (with a fuse and all that good stuff). The main...
  6. New XENARC 706TSA 7" Touchscreen LCD with DVI! "Coming Soon"

    Anyone notice this puppy on xenarc's website recently?!?

    Interesting external box for hooking up all the extra inputs to.

    Seems to have a fairly...
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    Using a Lappy for a Carputer...

    Hey there,
    Yes, you can have a laptop as a carputer. I currently have a Compaq Presario x1000 in my Jeep Grand Cherokee installed in a compartment in the trunk. The laptop is hooked to a 7" Xenarc...
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