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  1. Scott_fx was actually one of the reasons I...

    Scott_fx was actually one of the reasons I decided to sign up for this forum. :)
    He did an awesome write-up on C5 Corvette audio over on the CorvetteForum, and linked to this place.

    As I...
  2. Any forum areas for discussing custom cases?

    Outside of a few mentionings on Fabrication and the occasional photo on worklogs, is there any area for discussion about creating custom cases for our car pc's? Or are there any good sites in regards...
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    "Hello!" from a possible future CarPc'er


    Figured I'd start off with a lil' intro about myself and my future car PC plans.

    For the moment I'm fixing up my '86 Corvette, but I may soon be 'trading up' to an '01 automatic...
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