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    Map update problems


    I had Freedrive working, but somehow the map have freezed. The position data on the top and speed info works fine, but the map shows the position where I last booted the system.

    Have I hit a...
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    Freedrive in Frodoplayer


    Loves Freedrive - really a great GPS system.

    When using in Frodoplayer it would be really nice to be able to have simple music controls like volumne up/down, play/pause and skip. The problem...
  3. Freedrive

    Still no answer from Destinator/HSTC regarding a working destdll.dll file or money back!

    Changed to Freedrive. It works really well.

    Only problem with freedrive is that it's not build into...
  4. Thanks Terran. Agree we should do all to get away...

    Thanks Terran. Agree we should do all to get away from Destinator - they sucks. Of course they have not refunded my $50 or mailed the dll. No luck with Limewire eigther.

    If anyone has a copy of...
  5. Thanks Steveig. Now they are getting it: I...

    Thanks Steveig. Now they are getting it:

    I have been in repeating contact with Rafiq regarding the limitation of your SDK (the 3 MB limit). However I have not been able to get a full working...
  6. Still problems with the Destinator SDK and HSTC

    Hi all

    It seems that HSTC and Rafiq still have problems providing the new SDK dll's.

    18th may 2005 I bought the SDK and got a mail from Rafiq with this link:
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