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    Quick solution I used for my Ranger

    I did a pretty quick and dirty install of my LCD on my first attempt. I used a piece of wood that I mounted the "mount" onto and it fit perfectly into the lower slot under my head unit.

  2. I did ALOT of research in this Fabrication forum....

    I did ALOT of research in this Fabrication forum. I started here:

    Which got me away from the classic fiberglass/bondo method to ABS plastic...
  3. 2002 Ford Ranger - mounting a 7" Liliput in dash (lots of pics)

    After about six months of my Ghetto Install, I decied to take the time and mount my Lilliput inside the dashboard.

    Even more pics + hires:
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    2002 Ford Ranger - Indash LCD install

    It's been about 6 months since I finished my install. I gues it's time to share my pics and experience.

    Lots of photos of the install and fabrication here:...
  5. Good Sync Tool

    Here's a tool that I've used quite a bit between my laptop and work/home computer.

    [oh yeah, it's freeware]
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