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  1. i had the same problem, most problems are been...

    i had the same problem, most problems are been solved if you plug every speaker to its normal position and you dont bridge speakers togather as i did before(i used to have front left rear left...
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    obd ii checker

    i sell (new-boxed)elm327 scanner.
    It works with all cars obdii compilant.
    It has usb interface.
    price 85euro+shipping. Europe only
  3. ok, i will give a try at hacktheibus.

    ok, i will give a try at hacktheibus.
  4. buisness cd

    guys i plan to place my oem radiocd to the trunk, and control it via carpc.Is it possible ?are there commands that i can use to <<extract>> radiocd's screen information and use it at a skin? so to...
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    terratec hybrid xs

    Has anyone this card?
    I have an epia en1500 (xp sp1) and i cannt work it(latest drivers).
    Its too heavy ,computer allmost freezes and and i can see 1 frame/second.
    Its difficult even closin it.
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    Aureon 7.1 Firewire line in??

    i dont know how to mute line-in where hqct is pluged when i change source.
    The problem is that at windows volume control there is no control for aureons line in! you can mute it only by terratecs...
  7. Simplistique

    I made a skin for simplistique which i use, my first skin ever . However it would be nice to integrate park sensor too.
  8. Song title - RDS

    Hi everybody,
    i bought HQCT tuner,
    how can i modify menu skin so every about 10 seconds, instead of song title-artist etc... to be displayed for some seconds station or rds?
  9. Pdc

    Hi guys, has anyone parktronic(e46) working with carpc? any solution?
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