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  1. Thread: Sigh

    by Gonkulor


    This sites search engine is terrible.

    And I am trying to change my avatar but after clicking the first 4 or 5 obvious places to change it I still can't find how! I know I'm at the point of being a...
  2. I'm in trouble with my touch screen. When I...

    I'm in trouble with my touch screen. When I upgraded my computers power supply all was good until I plugged the monitor in. My monitor smoked on me. Since then I got a replacement circuit board but...
  3. trying a different approach. ...

    trying a different approach.
  4. trying a link
    trying a link
  5. Updated picture

    The cart is in no way shape or form complete with the body work but it's presentable enough for me to take a break from body work. The paint you see is only epoxy primer/sealer to stop the rusting.
  6. Dude. Ya hit the nail on the head. When it comes...

    Dude. Ya hit the nail on the head. When it comes to golfing ........ If I can get the ball thru the windmill? I consider that a good putt.:D
  7. a lot of wires

    I said I calculated 300+ feet of new wire. These pictures might back that up.




  8. update #3

    Last update for now.

    66811Finished my test panel

    66812All of my LED pixel lights showed up

    6681312watt 18SMT LED headlight bulbs showed up. These are H4 socket bulbs

    66814Finished my...
  9. update #2 for today

    More updates

    6679210 pounds of crap in a 5 lb bag

    66793Starting my power distribution


    66809basic installation and testing
  10. updating

    I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I should catch up on my progress.

    66782Network switch

    66783LOR LED light controller

    66791J1 LED light controller

    66784two 500w 36v to 12v DC...
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    here is another option

    Check this out. 24 channel USB controlled. I'm planning to use it in my build. It's a DIY, or you can have it assembled and tested, but I'm in communication with the inventor who I'm having write...
  12. Hardware and first install update

    Box =
    Intel D525MWV Atom Mini-ITX VoomPC-2 Car PC,2GB,M2-ATX, with dual bluetooth/wifi.
    Monitor = Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T
    10-Gang ATO/ATC Marine Fuse Block
    4-Gang AGC Marine Fuse Block
    4 I/O 8...
  13. Thanks tft. That is kinda what I figured for rtv....

    Thanks tft. That is kinda what I figured for rtv. I am looking at the msds for some polysulfide sealant with dimethylacetamide, calcium dichromate, triton X100,and carbon black. Aka aircraft sealant....
  14. Water proofing / water resisting a monitor

    I have a new Lilliput touch screen monitor and I want to put a small 1/16" bead of sealant around the edge where the bezel/case meets the screen. Will this action have any detrimental effect on the...
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    Bossman137 it sounds, no pun intended, like you...

    Bossman137 it sounds, no pun intended, like you have tried the hard stuff. To bad everything gets so embedded inside the vehicle where-as troubleshooting does become difficult. Besides the EMF/RF...
  16. Thanks SNO and dmcdlrn. To answer your question...

    Thanks SNO and dmcdlrn. To answer your question dmcdlrn, maybe 6 hours in a day. I have to charge the cart nightly and I plan to make one more quick disconnect charge receptical for the 12 volt pack....
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    Not wanting to step on any toes or cause hurt...

    Not wanting to step on any toes or cause hurt feelings but the search function needs help. I see so much info here and I know the answers to most of my questions are all ready answered somewhere. ...
  18. 1993 EZGO Golf Cart - Gonk's Cartzilla build.

    Hello all. First time poster to this forum and kinda nervous I stay within the rules here. I could actually be posting in 4 or 5 topics on this board, but I'm not ready to ask a lot of questions yet....
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