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    yep you was right, i changed the ram and all is...

    yep you was right, i changed the ram and all is ok now, have managed to install windows 7. thxs
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    problem installing windows on new system

    hi. i he just built a new carpc, intel d945gclf2 atom mb gb ram, 250gb hdd and m2-atx psu.

    the problem im having is when i try to install windows xp the system keeps restarting when i press enter...
  3. hi. dont know the case mode just says voompc on...

    hi. dont know the case mode just says voompc on the front.
    i have and intel dual core atom D945GCLF2 MB AND M2-ATX PSU.
    2.5 HDD, not yet brought the slot drive,

    it just seems to have to many...
  4. how the hell do u fit every thing in a voompc case

    hi, i have a voompc case, inten D945GCLF2 MINI ITX dual core atom mb
    and im having trouble fitting everything in the case,

    i cant even get the hdd in plus i did want a cd drive to but cant see...
  5. couple of qs about embeddin igo8 in rr or freeice

    im trying to work out what software and programs to use on my car pc. i have freeice and rr frontends and ig8 and d9 so testing all,
    but the problem im having is embeddin the nav programes into the...
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    software recommendations

    hi, im almost ready to start fitting my carpc into my van and am wondering what software everyone uses and where to get them,
    i have a trial of centrafuse auto but i really dont think its work the...
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    My first cap pc attempt

    hi all.
    im thinking about putting a car pc in my ford transit van.
    first of all i want to know if i have to have a car pc designed for a car or can i use a small desktop pc as i have an old hp...
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