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  1. Components for PWM Circuit

    Arby made a post on the original thread asking:

    No body answered, neither did he ask again. May I assume that the answer to both questions is yes?

    I'll keep on posting.

    Best regards,
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    Hi everybody! Thanks for allyour replies. I...

    Hi everybody!

    Thanks for allyour replies. I feel like I confused you people a little bit since my link pointed to the manufacturers website where appears the MSRP of U$ 370, but that's not really...
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    Pyle - Does anybody know this brand?


    I'm looking for references for this product. I wonder if somebody here has one installed or knows who has. I would like to know if th brand has good quality and it's reliable.

    PYLE - 6"...
  4. Questions about the project

    Hi all!

    Well, yesterday I had prepared a very big post and when I pressed the "submit" button my computer crashed, so I'll try to resume here all the points that I had written yesterday. I'll be...
  5. Sources of Information


    Since there may be some other people interested in acomplishing this project, I decided to get together all the posts that I have found about presslab's project of building a dc-dc converter...
  6. Get a Mastero

    Get a Mastero 4.1 . 200 Watt and integrated shutdown controller.

    This guy knows what he's doing.

    Mastero, You're the best.
  7. Hi Rob! First of all thank you for replying...

    Hi Rob!

    First of all thank you for replying and for your valuable knowledge and help.

    Where can I start? Let's see...

    I did some research on optocouplers and understood that this are safety...
  8. Calling the Forward Converters Gurus - Please Help !!

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for help on building my forward converter. For people not knowing what a forward converter is, basically it's the modification of an AC-DC power suply into a DC-DC unit....
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    Important thread for some people


    Thanks for keeping up this info on your page and making yourself available to help.

    I understand that for a lot of people buying a DC-DC converter might look a simple solution,...
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