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  1. i dont blame you

    so much for support on the freeware version, yeh its freeware but doesnt tell u about the nag screen when u download it, i personally dont blame you for looking at another frontend im really tempted...
  2. its ok now

    thankyou for posting back it works now anfter moaning about it, ive just got to do it on the other comp now, i would just like to ask you why it has a nag screen because all you had to do was make a...
  3. Low and behold

    now that i have moaned about it, it works, how convenient!
  4. yes i did read all the info

    firewall = no
    anti virus = no
    direct connection to the internet = yes
    why dont he just make some sort of keygen or somthin i just dont see the point in a nag screen in freeware, i thaught this was...
  5. that would be great

    IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED! i cant get the reg program to connect and i thaught this was freeware now why would freeware have a nag screen to remind me to download the latest version? im happy with the...
  6. Replies

    i cant seem to get this application working

    i cant get the app working ive tried all my phones, via data cable and bluetoothe and it just says "com port does not exist" when i run ATSNIFFER it locks up half way through im using a motorola V220...
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