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  1. Regulated 12V needed for Car to mount router.


    I've in the past been using a WRT54G router when on camping trips or at concerts as it had an inbuild voltage regulator that would handle external voltages from 7v all the way up to about 20v....
  2. Is the M4-ATX the only high output PSU available in the UK?

    I have looked for a distributor for the Opus 360w and the DSATX and can't find UK distributors.

    Having read a LOT of threads about problems with the M4-ATX I'm a little wary about using it as I...
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    Core I7 LGA1156 Mini ITX from DFI

    P55-T36 now announced.....

    While most won't need the oooommmmph, there's a lot to be said for underclocking but...
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    Sticky: RedGTiVR6 On page one the Kino 9452 isn't a...


    On page one the Kino 9452 isn't a 755 socket, I'm pretty sure it's an M looking at the photo.
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