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  1. FS: (NEW) Slimline Slot loading dvdrw + 2.5" 80GB Hard Disk

    UK Only

    Black bezeled slimline slot loading dvdrw. Think its Sony. SATA Connection. Adaptor from notebook sata connection to standard sata connection included.

    80GB 2.5" 7200rpm Hard Drive....
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    I have a voltmeter installed it reads just over...

    I have a voltmeter installed it reads just over 14 when engine running. So taking 14.25V as usual. 220W (DSATX) / 14.25 = 15.44A. What standard size fuse should I use?

    Yeah I guess a 3 way...
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    Cable gauges and fuses please?

    Hi there, this is the wiring diagram for my carputer!

    It is an Athlon 3500+ on an Asus A8V-VM(SE) with integrated graphics, 256 ram,...
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