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  1. Where are things headed, vision for now & the future possibilities.

    I purchased a few brains back a while ago, and have been waiting for it & myself to mature. I know a lot of time has been invested, but Iím confused, because no one has explained what all the changes...
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    Just what I thought. Can you comment on the...

    Just what I thought. Can you comment on the double wrap to improve resolution? I guess byl oading it down it will prevent 5volt over spike?
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    150amp hall effect current sensor L01Z150S05

    I need a current sensor that will measure a higher current, so I have a few of these Hall effect L01Z150S05 by Tamura. Do I need to load the output with a 10Kohm resistor to use it with the fusion...
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    PWM when?

    How are you making out on the PWM board? What uses are you designing for?
  5. I like your quote "Logic was intended to make it...

    I like your quote "Logic was intended to make it easier for old school electricians", and it applies here. Thanx for the explaination, it has helped. I have 3 books on order & will let all know how...
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    Exactly, Yes. Iíll take up the fight to Chapters (indigo) and see what is available. The graphical interface of MDX is why I started here & the fact that a lot of car enthusiasts arenít computer code...
  7. Suggested reading to better understand graphical interface

    Iíve been planning to use the FB for home automation. I have figured out the logic end of things I want to do & how they relate to inputs and outputs, but now it is time to put it all in action. I am...
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    Unable to save some fonts

    This is my 1st post Iíve been sandbagging on the side reading. Iím impressed with the effort everyone is putting into helping & improving this product. Iím using the MDX for the 1st time and...
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