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  1. It is a couple years old. 8( I did contact...

    It is a couple years old. 8(

    I did contact them and pointed them at this thread as well.

    Will let everyone know how it turns out.

    Thanks for the time and help!
  2. Well darn. It appears that even testing with an...

    Well darn. It appears that even testing with an actual car battery produces the same problem.

    Am I just SOL now? The unit is out of warranty I imagine. Though, now that I think of it, I don't...
  3. Sorry, did not provide enough information. It...

    Sorry, did not provide enough information. It was late and I was tired.

    The M2 is in P1 mode. Tried also in P4 with the same results. (slightly longer delay till it killed power i seem to...
  4. VoomPC Case with M2-ATX supply having j8 problems

    It appears that my M2 is having issues.

    During bench testing with a 20a ham power supply, the M2 will power up properly.

    However, when I disconnect the ignition power, the M2 will simply drop...
  5. Sticky: k, thanks for the reply. As long as they clear...

    k, thanks for the reply. As long as they clear up on reboot that is fine.

    Frodo, is there any chance of getting some kind of list? or a little more info on how to proceed?

    Thanks much for...
  6. Sticky: reply to ImInSanDiego

    So far i have not seen the problem you describe. I wonder if the service host is dying for some reason?
  7. Sticky: CommID

    I am not seeing duplicated CommID's any more. Not sure what i was doing wrong to see them before.

    I do however have a few ghost entries in the registered services list. I assume i got these by...
  8. Sticky: Question: How to find currently playing song

    I have a app set up now receiving and broadcasting events and this seems to be working nicely.

    I adapted your windows message code to post the <skip to next song> message, and this seems...
  9. Sticky: My problem is now corrected

    The updated XML control appears to have corrected the issue.

    In summary:

    be more thorough than i was and CHECK ALL PRE-REQUISITES!

    I THOUGHT i has the right version of the XML parser, but...
  10. Sticky: doh!

    Now going to recheck ALL the pre-Reqs again.

    i cant even :rtfm:

    (can you tell i like the stupid little emote animated gifs?) :lol:
  11. Sticky: hmmmmm.

    I had already read post #31 and tried it as soon as i saw it. I should have mentioned that in the previous post. I also tried manually registering some of the services, but that did not work...
  12. Sticky: Need simple (hopefully) install help please.

    Hi, first off, i want to thank you (Frodo and the community) for frodoPlayer! I am quite impressed with the stability, and feature set!

    Second, i am a programmer by profession. Not that i am...
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