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  1. RİDERUNNER 01.09.2010 "EXİT" button error help me

    :hurt:Hi, I use RİDERUNNER 01.09.2010. but when you run the program. Exit menu without using any feature of the program fails to touch the EXIT key. RİDERUNER stops and stops working. I added...
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    Unfortunately, no turkey in some parts, especially the touch screen, power supley, tv and radio card (WinTV-Hauppague) to those we are trying to do. I suppley touch screen and power came from...
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    Crydom d1d12

    RELAY, SOLID STATE, 12A, 0-100VDC; Series:1-DC; Control Voltage Type:DC; Max Load Current RMS:12A; Current, Surge:28A; Voltage, Load RMS Max:100V dc; Terminal Type:Screw; Control Current Max:28mA;...
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    Solİt state relay ?

    Greetings to all the friends make first carputer project in the success.

    I research and as a result of a long struggle to do my own carputer project started and now I've come to the final stage....
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    Good day, I would make Turkey the carputer...

    Good day, I would make Turkey the carputer project. AVerMedia TV Studio 303 is in my cart. tv skin but I could not find a cart that works with. I saw your posting in the forum and I'm so glad. I...
  6. Roadrunner-Winamp video, music, tv and radio playlists automatically load

    Greetings everyone

    I am writing to you from Turkey.
    After long research I decided to do carpputer. Turkey is very difficult to find materials. For my part, but now I've provided a way. I have...
  7. please help me,visualization in roadrunner

    visual elements on the screen I want I can not remove the music or the radio while listening to see analizer spectrum of winamp, but I could not set ,
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