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  1. Yeah, amp in the back. Definitely a lot of...

    Yeah, amp in the back. Definitely a lot of redundancy with back-and-forth wiring. I'll give it a go and worse-comes-to-worse and it's a fail <shrug> I'll rewire. thx 2k1.
  2. (Amp to Speakers) vs (Amp to Harness to speakers)

    read the faqs here and some car audio sites and I'm ~70% sure about this situation, but want verification. My (planned) setup:

    pc (1/8 headphone out + splitters) -> 4 channel amp -> factory...
  3. Biostar + Mobile Athlon XP (Thoroughbred core)

    I'm getting a Biostar M7NCG and I'm deciding whether to put in a newer Mobile Athlon XP-M (Barton core - starts at 2200+) or an older Mobile Athlon XP (Thouroughbred - freqs of 1600+ to 2200+ aka...
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