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    Yes, The story was only about the MP3 angle. When you write a newspaper article, you have limited space and usually have to focus on just one or two angles.

    We may revisit all the other things you...
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    Detroit News Story on MP3 Cars

    If you're interested, check this out:

    Thanks to all who contributed with thoughts and interviews.

    Sarah A. Webster
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    I'm an automotive reporter for The Detroit News and am working on a story about what automakers have or have not done to allow easy MP3 playing in vehicles.

    I'm especially interested in talking to...
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    Hey Mike,

    Our intent is not to get anyone in trouble, just to show how badly people want to play MP3s in their cars ... and how there are very few options to do so.

    I won't quote anybody who...
  5. Detroit News Reporter Seeking MP3Car projects for newspaper article

    Hi there.

    I'm an automotive reporter for The Detroit News in Detroit, Michigan, and I'm working on a story about what car companies are doing -- or not doing -- to help customers with MP3 files...
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