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  1. Is it possible to change Autozoom paramaters vs speed ?

    Hello everybody,

    I use Freedrive since one month now and i have set the parameter Autozoom for automatic zoom following the car seed.
    I found that the Autozoom display the map so small when your...
  2. FDALT report Altitude only in Feets and not in meters !


    I have checked that on FreeDrive v0.90 FULL, the FDALT command only report Altitude in Feets and not in meters even if metrics units are selected.:(

    Is it a bug or a wrong parameters ?...
  3. All Is Ok !!

    Hello Tolisn,

    Thanks for your reply, all is OK now ! !

    best regards,

  4. Need help to display FD informations in RR, please !

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to display Freedrive informations like speed, Altitude, and so on ... in RoadRunner skins. I follow the specifications in SDK.INI file from FD like...
  5. How to add Altitude information in FreeDrive

    Hello everybody,

    I use now FreeDrive instead of Map Monkey and would like to know how to add Altitude GPS parameters to the Skin.
    I found int the sdk.ini file that v0.91 beta handle FDALT SDK...
  6. Thread: FD 0.85 update

    by rdsoft

    Where to download FreeDrive update v0.85 or higher version


    I saw this thread with v0.85 update for Freedrive but the link to download from Freedrive site is breaked. :mommy:
    Where i could download an upgrade version for Freedrive v0.80 Full ?
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