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  1. LCD Digital Panel - ALDL Serial Interface

    Hey all,
    Setting up for a mate a digital gauge cluster for his VP commodore. Has a ALDL connector and using this interface im going to wire it...
  2. Big Computer 17" LCD's in a car but stealthed ;) Can it be done

    Hey everyone.

    I have a few lcd's around and i figured it would make cruising much better if i had some sort of media setup in the car.

    Anyway they are 17" LCD's with VESA style mounts. I...
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    If you are going to run it on a lowspec PC i...

    If you are going to run it on a lowspec PC i would go for archlinux, slackware or gentoo. IF you have bundles of time to wait while setting it up, imo gentoo would be the best option as you can...
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