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    What about Route 66...

    What about Route 66? I would be using a G4 for my Carputer if there were an OS X version of DeltaDash available for my Subaru.
  2. Anyone else using for carputer links?

    I've been keeping track of useful links for my carputer project on with the tag carputer so they'll show up at

    Is anyone else using
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    DeLorme Street Atlas Plus (...

    DeLorme Street Atlas Plus ( ) includes 31 million business listings and in the comparison chart they say that you can buy residential numbers for...
  4. So has anyone used one of these in their...

    So has anyone used one of these in their carputers yet? I'm thinking of using this with an amp instead of a head unit, since it can play CDs, MP3 CDs and radio without the computer.

    It would be...
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