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    front ends with ipod support

    Hi there - quick question are there any front ends out there that will let me control an ipod in the same way many headunits do now?
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    dvd issues under release 2.3.2 Beta 2

    hi, i was wondering if you cna help at all

    i currently have built the car pc as a test but i am having a problem with the dvd playback

    what happens is if i play a video file on the hard drive...
  3. :D is my car that easily recognised


    is my car that easily recognised
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    issues with sound

    ok im currently testing the hardware for my in car pc on my home rig, the problem im having is everything something moves on screen i get terrible distortion though my speakers

    the sound card is a...
  5. samuelellis - 1st car pc, just the ice so far

    ello, im currently building myself a car pc but i thought i would show what i have so far

    so far i have in the car
    blaupunkt new york headunit (must be knocking on for 10 years old or so)
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