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    Awsome work. Like reading a good book

    Just came across this thread while researching customers work and pc installs. I must say I love the look and sad I feel I have to wait for the next installment, I really cant wait to see the...
  2. I was just about to ask about the parking sensor...

    I was just about to ask about the parking sensor and software used. I am planning out my build now and have been looking to find a nice multi sensor system. From the looks of the pics this woudl be...
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    software update

    spent the day reading on the software and find there really isnt many choices. appears alot of the software is no longer being updated. downloaded and insralled centrafuse. very simple to use. ...
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    New build by New to incar PCs

    First off let me say hello to all as new member but been reading for sometime.

    I have been reading several reviews and created a list of requirements and believe I have come up with an initial...
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