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Thread: Shotgun! - Frontend Released!

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    First off...I hate you JK! Your comments are extremely helpful and very thorough.

    Most issues listed are related to Windows 7/Vista. The way XP handles the systems audio is totally different than Vista/7. I am working diligently to get these issues resolved (I removed XP from my dev box to force myself to fix them ).

    1.) A. Is it possible those folders are hidden?
    B. Can you elaborate on this? I'm not sure what "Preload" means.

    2.) "Click" and hold the Play button to pause. There are numerous "Click and Hold" buttons within Shotgun!.

    3.) Again these are related to how Win 7 / Vista handle Audio. Will be addressed soon.

    4.) Song extensions are only shown if ID's cannot be read. I may be able to strip the extention, I'll put it on my list of things to work on.

    5.) Will consider this, however try changing your media player visulization to Album Art and see what happens (I have not tried this)

    6.) Lazyness on my part!

    7.) I'll take a look into this. To be honest the Config tool was whipped toghetor in a hurry.

    8.) Have not experienced this, but I'll try it out on IE8.

    9.) Will definitely consider this.

    10.) I'll have to relook at this, it is supposed to work this way.

    11.) iGuidance Fo Life ! I do not have any of those other applications and tried my best to integrate a "generic" embed for other apps. Unfortunatly some of the other guidance apps require a bit of manipulation to get a successful embed. Due to this it may be difficult to implement other apps without actually owning the product.

    Thanks for the help in debugging

    Quote Originally Posted by Drevil View Post
    First off I just wanted to say a few things: 1.) I test applications for bugs and user experience for a living so this might seem harsh or unfair I am sorry that is not the intent. 2.) I see a lot of promise in the application from my testing and will be following its progress.

    My test platform was Windows 7 x64Bit RC Build 7100, running Shotgun 108.B

    1.) When loading music the folder list showed folders that do not even exist on my machine such as Docs and Settings (I was testing with Windows 7 RC build 7100)
    a. The ability to preload the common music folders such as (%USERPROFILE%\Music and %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Music)
    b. Preloading would apply to Video as well.
    c. I would also like just a drive letter option which could be a network share or a second HD/USB Key/Media Card etc. (didnít test this so it might work)
    d. You may want to think about the future and live streaming of audio via the web as well.

    2.) When playing audio there is no stop or pause button.
    a. This is critical as being yelled at by the wife requires the music to be stopped or paused.
    b. This applies to audio/video/dvd as well.

    3.) Volume buttons are nowhere near the actual volume percentage
    a. Your volume up/down buttons are near the play button which I actually thought was a second set of next/previous song buttons.
    b. Mute button also did not seem to have an effect on playback volume

    4.) Song list view
    a. Ability to reduce the font size to try and fit the entire song name in main window
    b. Remove file extension from list view (most could care less if it is .mp3 .wma or other)

    5.) Album art
    a. Option to have Album Art replace the song list

    6.) Resuming Video
    a. When switching from playing audio to video. If you go back to audio it resumes (Great) if you then switch back to video, the video it starts at the beginning (no pause on video)
    b. If you close the application and reopen it resumes Audio (Bad) App should open to main screen and that is all.
    c. I did not test DVD playback resume functions

    7.) Shotgun Config Tool
    a. Unable to edit or see a list of applications that have been pathed.
    i. Example sol.exe is not always in programs folder (aka x64 machines)
    b. I was unable to add any pathed applications
    i. Error message unable to find Shogun.ini (not x64 compatible pathing)
    ii. Consider using %ProgramFiles% system variable

    8.) Internet
    a. I was getting no page found on a LAN connected pc using IE8
    b. Might need a ipconfig type option to verify ip address and default gateway

    9.) Option to remove/add buttons to the main screen
    a. XMRadio and CarPC chat do not need to be there unless they can be used.

    10.) Night Skin
    a. Option to auto switch to Night skin based on clock time or user defined clock time.

    11.) Navigation Applications
    a. It appears that your front end seems geared toward IGuidance and not as friendly to other applications like MSFT Streets and Trips.
    Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!

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    For some reason I'm wasn't getting thread updates! Fixed!

    As mentioned, legal issues are done and dealth with - new version is on it's way out the door right after a few friendly web updates. (Documentation!!!)
    Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!

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    Hi any updates on skins or the other features you had talked about? I love the basic setup and ease of use but I also need the other features to work in order to run this as my main Front end. Is there a way to make Street Atlas 2009 run within the application? When I try and add any programs I get an error and then it closes. Great work so far lets see some new stuff to add.
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    Just wondering what the latest release is, are you still updating this front end. I really dig the looks of the skin, and have read this thread through. I see on your website 1.07,is that the latest version? Or are your newer downloads somewhere else? Thank, keep up the great work!

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    Does look sweet, keen to try the new version as I too an running W7 64Bit

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    Really nice and clean skin, keep up the good work!

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    Erm is this still available... the website seems to be dead?

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    Sorry, working again, please ignore last post

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiffies View Post
    Sorry, working again, please ignore last post
    Got me a little worried there...let us know what you think.
    Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!

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    this is awesome man! umm i really wanna make a skin for this...wish i knew how lol

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