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Thread: Shotgun! - Frontend Released!

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    scratch that i figured that out just need to know how to allocate the buttons properly ....if you dont mind telling me! also how would i impliment a scroll bar ?

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    Currently using ur system now and it looks soo awesome.

    This software isnt opened source is it? Theres no way to get the source code? I wanna try to modify it...well more like the skin cuz everything else is perfect...Thanks

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    I dont think this has been brought up yet, but what media engine is this using? Foobar/WinAmp support? Would be nice to by-pass kmixer...

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    I am testing different Frontends trying to make a decision...I have installed this on two machinces running windows 7. I cannot open the program (both the exe and config files) It's looking for Net framework and gives me a message that it is not installed. But it is installed. I even tried to reinstall Net framework 2 from your link. Windows 7 simply aborts the installation and tells me that the framework is already installed!

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    Whoops - Looks like I wasnt getting updates for this thread.

    The Win7 problem I've looked into and seems like its fixed but I'll need to do some testing. I'll post more about it in another thread.

    P.S. Thanks for the donations and thanks for making Shotgun! the #1 downloaded front end!
    Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!

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    Going through the frontends, looking for something uncluttered and this one looks really well thought out. Easy navigation, scrollbar for music, music player built in everywhere, search button, etc.

    If you continue to develop it, though, I would suggest a scrollbar for music files, instead of the arrows. Also, functionally it is excellent, but cosmetically, it could be really improved by developing a skinning application and letting some others improve the design. That huge, terrible font is killing me!

    Otherwise man, really nice work. Hope you continue dev.
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