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Thread: Feedback, Update, Win7 and more!

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    Feedback, Update, Win7 and more!

    So it appears from the feedback we've recieved that Shotgun is rock solid on XP, but has a few issues with Win7.

    I'm assuming the issue arrises when trying to launch the actual application, if that's not the case let me know. Personally I've only been able to replicate the Win7 issue on one of my machines. I did manage to fix it by adjusting some compile settings. So hopefully the next release will be ready for Win7.

    When we made Shotgun we intended for it to be a quick easy to use application that was both lightweight and at the same time full featured. Judging by the feedback we recieved I think we accomplished this goal. However, if you have any suggestions on features let me know.

    App store:
    Thanks for making Shotgun! the #1 downloaded front end. Also thanks to everyone who donated!

    I don't know what the issue is with my account but I rarely get thread or PM updates even though the frickin box is checked. So in any event if you need to contact me, send me hate mail, suggestions or even a donation please feel free to email me @ [email protected] .

    Thanks again for all the support and donations, I'll try to get this Win7 update/minor bug fix released this week.
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    Shotgun, Win7, Trogen

    I have tried to install Shotgun 1.08 and supposely the newest version with the same results. "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource thats unavailable."
    "click ok to try again or enter an alternate path....jnstallation package Shotgun!.msi in the box below." My system OS is Win7 32bit. Virus protection is Webroot, which is saying there is a trogen in both executables Shotgun and its config file.


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