AsRock mainboard dual-VGA
AMD Athlon 3000+
512MB DDR2
80GB Maxtor harddisk
Lilliput TS 7"

Macrom 250w RMS 2 way
Macrom 500w RMS dual monoblock
Macrom composet 250w RMS
JBL subwoofer 350w RMS


Last weekend we rebuild the entire setup of my Volkswagen Caddy. I bought a new amp and a subwoofer.

This is the car, a VW Caddy 1.9TDI, chiptuned 115HP.


7" Lilliput. At the moment i use Centrafuse as frontend.

Interior overview:

Macrom low/midrange speaker:

Here you see 2 Macrom amplifiers, a 250w RMS for my composet, and a 500w RMS for the JBL woofer.. Most people don't know the brand Macrom, it's most used for sound quality. I also mounted a HP DVD-RW with lightscribe.

The 2 holes you see below, will be used for cooling. The PC is behind it. I will mount 2 LED-fans, and 2 fangrills.

To-do list:

- Mount coolers
- Build a wooden case over the woofer
- 3rd painting layer
- Mount a 15" TFT screen in the 'trunk'
- Add some lightning
- Build a ceiling with LED spotlights

These small updates will be added soon.