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Thread: 2001 ford Puma UK install

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    2001 ford Puma UK install

    ok guys my first install so ill tell u what i have done

    my car is a Puma made by ford , its the 2001 model so nearly the last of its kind be4 they stooped making them .

    only other modifications i have done to the car is installed a piper cross induction kit , and installed the interior out of a ford racing Puma.

    OK more about the system,

    install spec of the following

    Dell optiplex pure 12v Mini-Itx system
    p3 3ghz
    512mb ram
    40gb laptop HD
    laptop CDROM
    sound blaster audio NX external sound card
    USB external Wireless G card , connected to a Dlink external exstention adapter 2000w or 3000w ( cant remember ) 4channel amplifier 6x9 1000w rear speakers
    infinity front speakers 250w with preamps
    lilliput indash screen ( pile of rubbish i might add)

    Windows XP sp2
    roadrunner front end with simplistique skin
    wifihopper ( for internet)

    wiring spec of the following

    12v thick wire running from the battery to a 15amp fuse box directly to a 15amp switch , which in turns runs to the modified power cable of the dell optiplex , the optiplex has a built in power modulator and runs on 12v . The power modulator controls the voltage and also does another cool thing . basically when the power is cut and when it resumes it automatically turns on the PC . so this enabled me to easily wire up a switch

    also u may have noticed the other switch , this just turns the amp on and off , to stop the 'popping noise' on boot up !

    in the boot i used a old subwoofer enclosure and installed the box in thr , i dont use my boot for anything so this made it quite good to use .

    my car has a din and a 3/4 socket , so i cant use a double din , so i had to use a single din adapter to fit the screen

    ok i think thats enough of my specification , heres pictures of my first install.

    Install Pictures

    Future modifications

    1.)install a phone control software , cant be bothered atm because i have no microphone
    2.) install another switch next to the other 2 , to either turn on the Mic or maybe a usb port or something.
    3.) eventually fiberglass a proper screen in !
    4.) possibly a dedicated 3g internet connection for tracking . not sure yet ! , seems my nokia n70 dosnt have a serial blue tooth profile
    5.) wait till navigaotor 6 finally releases a window resize fix , so i can actually install that !

    thanx yal , would like some feedback

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    some feedback...

    LOL, you really don't have a CLUE what you are doing, do you Cheap and cheasy setup, a '3000w' amp (which incidentally is probably more like 100w in terms of RMS power), mounted on top of an EMPTY sub box (think you missed the point here slightly), and the cheapest piece of chinese crap fold out screen you could find. Better luck next time

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    Oh, and it appears you are one of those LOSERS who makes slight illegal adaptions to their number plate to make it look 'personalised' too. If you dont have the cash to spend on a decent car / install, don't bother - you are just making yourself look stupid!

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    I think it looks great....don't know how long the Lilliput will last,I've had three and they all broke.

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    It was all sold on ebay a while ago according to a post on the UK site.

    I wouldn't run an optiplex sx off unregulated voltage but I know you said it ran OK for a year.
    Old setup
    Epia M10k, Cubid 2699R case, 512MB, 40GB 3.5" drive
    New setup
    Optiplex 260SX (2.8GHz P4, 512MB, 30GB, DVD)
    Xenarc 700IDT, USB hub, 802.11g, bluetooth, P2140, P5V

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    i think its looks good!!!!

    but how did you made the startup screen "carpc edition"

    i want that too!!!!!


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    Looks good so far. Can you post a picture from the side of the Lilli? it doesn't seem that it stick out too much...

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    sorry guys i sold this quite cheaply a few months back on ebay , was more of a tester 2 c if if i cold get it all working..

    i have now purchased a 1din auto smart PC and a 7inch monitor , comes with a power supply / startup shut down controller

    just gonna have to wait till the screen has been completed really then the PC will be easy peasy

    the new 1din unit is gonna be mounted underneath the glove box , in the passenger foot well , totally hidden , totally stealthy

    the screen hopefully is gonna be all fiberglassed in

    answer to ya questions

    The lilliput was alright actually , didnt brake ... but i know what stuff like that is like and i can imagine it braking eventually

    The screen dosnt hardly stick out at all , luckly my dashboard was quite flat really

    the carpc edition bootscreen u can get from this forum , u just install it

    and the optiplex runs off the car battery fine , the motherboard has built in power regulators etc n e way

    thanx ya all

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