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Thread: 2005 Acura TL PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by rootyb View Post
    So, here's a question I've had running around in my head on the TL's (and others, I'm sure):

    Isn't the stock screen (or screen area) normally used to show the climate control info, etc? How do you see that info now?
    I believe he has the non-navigation version (like me) and has relocated his factory LCD to where the center console storage compartments are (below radio). I did the same thing, install is modeled after the pioneering work of Moahdib on his original install, as well as write-ups by ITL and others who have done the same thing.

    By way of suggestion (King should know what I'm talking about): I've had good results relocating my factory LCD using two layers of plexi to flush out the front, instead of a single piece...on one plexi layer (the "inner" layer), I sprayed the surface (minus the large rectangular area for the stock LCD to show through) with textured black spray paint for plastic. It's the same paint I used to repaint the factory trim piece for the touch screen, and a good match for the charcoal TL interior parts. Then, for the outer layer, I used another clear piece of plexi, same size and shape, cut to fit as moah did on his first install. This (after some wrangling) gave me a good factory match without showing any of the problem areas. So, rather than having a glossy black plexi like you would if you paint the reverse side, you get a nice textured look under plexi, like the original factory piece. I'm still thinking of plasticing a piece over the stock LCD for an even more integrated look, but I'm certainly not ashamed at how mine looks now.

    Hey King, care to throw some pics of your amp install out there? Reason I ask, is I'm using JL 450/4 to power my front stage (DLS Ultimate Nobellium 6.5's), and a 500/1 for my 10w6v2...did you manage to keep the spare? oh, and how's that dynamix for glare? I see you did some cutting of the factory bezel as well, how did that go? Questions, questions....

    BTW...I started mine in November too...Still not done!

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    I lengthened the wires and fabricated the center console piece for the LCDs. Once I installed them I found it hard to give up my center compartments so I tucked the LCDs in the dash (just below the center channel speaker) and left my compartments alone. I never really used the temp monitor on the LCDs. I usually would up turn up the A/C then back it off to a comfortable level once it got cool. Same with the heat. I rarely use the audio displays. I have been doing this for about a week and everything seems to be working fine. The option is still there if I change my mind.

    I am currently using JL audio amps and CDT EF speakers. I'll post some more pics of my amps later since that option does not appear to be working right now.
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    hey... i REALLY like the setup and i was wondering if it was easy to fit the dynamix screen in the dash? what made you go with the that screen?

    i don't have a TL yet, but i will probably get one in about a year. in my current car (97 maxima), it seems that my best option is the lilliput 7" screen. i have never opened up a TL dash (or know that much about TLs), so i wanted to know if the lilliput screen would fit in as nicely as yours did.

    any help is appreciated, thanks!


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    i have a TL with a carputer can some1 post sum pic for me..everytime i post them they never come out right

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