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Thread: 2003 Toyota Corolla Mac Mini Install

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    Hmm I'm not sure if i'm gonna get a response to this but how much did that install run you?

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    Mac Mini Camputer V2.1 OSX carpc w\bootcamp Windoze XP

    Right now I have installed
    USB OBDIIpro
    USB Sirf3 (PL-203) GPS
    Iguidance 4 ran in either bootcamp or Parallels in OSX
    Carnetix p-2140
    WD External 600GB Hard drive
    Macmini 1.8ghz core duo, 2gb or Memory
    OS X 10.5.7 with Bootcamp\parallels Windows XP
    Front Ends: Ice3 in OS X, Streetdeck, and Riderunner - Digital FX, - Elite in Windows (depending on mood)
    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
    Kensington slimblade bluetooth mouse

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