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Thread: '07 350Z Install

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    '07 350Z Install

    Details(From what I can remember, PC was built for another car 2 years ago+ a couple recent upgrades):

    AMD Duron 1.8 gig
    DSATX 220 watt Power Supply
    512 MB Ram
    30 gig HD
    Liliput Touchscreen
    BU-353 GPS receiver
    Digimoto OBD-II Diagnostics(mOByDic chip)
    RoadRunner with CrystalBlue skin
    M-Audio Sound Card
    Pioneer DEH-P7700MP
    Windows XP Pro

    Can't really think of much else. And incase you are wondering about the picture looking through the back window, under the piece of plastic on the left in the car is where the BU-353 is located. Through the plastic and through the glass and I get 7-8 satelites every time. GREAT receiver. Better than my BU-303 I had in my first install that had to be outside.


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    Very nice

    Wow, that 350 is pretty!

    Any custom work to the engine?

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    Wow.. nice car!!

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    sweet setup... and fk'n nice ride. I LOVE that blue!!

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    Thanks guys. And no there are no engine mods yet. I only have springs, sways, wheels, and the carPC currently. There are not any mods out for the HR engine yet since 80% of the engine has been changed from the 03-06 Zs.

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    wait, what HR engine? ;x thats odd, i didn't think they changed much between the VQ motors... weirddd...

    Nice ride, i love the wheels + carPC i can't wait for my 240 to look that clean

    Googled the VQ35HR, interesting design i thought you meant you had the NEWEST version of the VQ, supercharged. lol, sorry, i was gonna get all excited those don't get released till next year i believe w/ an estimated 380chp... i think *dunno*

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    damn, nice car and nice install.

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    Nice, you might be the first 07 Z CarPC install!

    As for the engine mods on the VQ35HR, don't worry, they're coming! Since the Skyline engine will have the same block, just with forced induction, it should be an relatively easy fit to put some sort of F/I on the VQ35HQ. And it certainly is a sweet engine; when I drive my wife's 07 G35x sedan, I can tell it is a nice ride! Doesn't beat my JWT TT G35, though....

    2005 Infiniti G35 6MT Coupe Black/Black
    Core Duo CarPC
    CarDomain page

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