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Thread: 1999 Nissan Pathfinder LE

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    1999 Nissan Pathfinder LE

    Alright, its been finished since January, but i just never had time to take the pics.

    Via EPIA m-10000 1 Ghz
    512 MB Ram
    60gb Laptop HDD
    Bu-353 GPS Reciever
    iGuidance GPS Software
    Mobile Impact Front End
    Windows XP Professional

    The sub is an Alpine Type S 12" Sub.

    yeah the computer part of the install is kinda sloppy but its hidden away, so the install looks pretty clean.
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    you deffinately have room for a dual box

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    The install does look clean cause the computer is hidden, but how welll is that mounted there, the power supply looks like its jus thrown in there, hate to see a fire start.

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    haha it was velcroed on with pretty strong velcroe i might add. however, the pic was taken on a particularly hot day, so the velcroe adhesive melted off. I went back and restuck it with newer velcroe, so hopefully it wont start too big of a problem.

    As for double sub, i was thinking about it, but I had the sub professionally done, and as i was talking to the guy at the audio place, and i told him my budget and what i was looking for, and i mentioned doing dual subs, but he said that for the quality of sound that i wanted, and for the type of car i have, doing dual subs, especially of the Alpine type S (very nice quality if i might add) would be overkill both monetarily and sound wise. I usually run this baby at -15 to -20 on the head units sub output (max is +10 min is -22) and it is really loud. I have used +10 only for when i was showing it off and the trunk was open, otherwise it literally makes my hair (which is short) blow straight up because of the sound and vibrations being put out by the sub. So yes two would look cooler, but in the end would have been around another $150-$200 (and an upgrade on the amp as well) for more volume which i wouldnt use.

    Overall i think i got a good deal because the installer had never seen the Carputer type stuff installed, so they installed my screen (DWW-700H) and ran my power wires for the computer for free (the entire shop really wanted to see it in action) and i got to hang out in the employees only section (the workshop) and show them how it all worked and stuff. So if anyone is in Dallas and you want to have your subs/speakers professionally installed, I highly reccommend The Car Stereo Store on Greenville Ave. While you probibly wont get the same deal I did, they are really professional, and really know what they're talking about.
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