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Thread: GTI ( 20th ae ) car pc part two

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    GTI ( 20th ae ) car pc part two

    late last night i was able to finished this project. movable screen and all.

    the movie to go with it. right click save as...


    i didn't change much from my last project, all i did was change the screen from black plastic, to brished aluminum, and ad the adjustable screen.

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    Hey thats cool, did you use a actuator for the movement?
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    actually i used a cd rom tray mounted up side down and some legos. on my old work log i have more pictures

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    Thats so nice!! im really inspired by this like loads, seems too run really quick on your pc??
    when i tested a few on my home rig is seemed pretty slow, i dunno but fab

    also i like too see a bit of metallica on there nice taste in music my friend and your sound system sounds amazing! perfect combo of bass and stuff, nice warm sound


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    yah i think i have every song by metalica on there, its set on random of over 4000 songs, most being rock. i also ahve all ac/dc, megadeath, GOB, sum 41, the offspring, white stripes, tenacius D!, and many more! yah i love the sound, i like it alot better with the x-fi, then the external usb one i had. im glad i stuck with the monsoon amp, sounds great to me, just slight fuzz befor it goes into windows.

    new update i got my navigation software today, working on the install, setting it up, and waiting for the GPS reciever to get here, got the on on the, but for 53$ off ebay

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