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Thread: 2004 Spec V T3 Install

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    2004 Spec V T3 Install

    Name:  CIMG0734.JPG
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    what are your parts list? how much? more pics?

    other than that, looks nice man

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    I think his parts are:

    - Infill T3
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    - T3 With Backup CCD Keyhole Camera.
    - 3 Clarion Amps the one in the middle is a 300w sub amp, and the ones on the side are 120w driving the back and front speakers.
    - 2 stiffening caps 1.6 farad and 1 farad in parallel.
    - Two 8inch Tang Bang subs in a 1cuft ported box, sounds amazing, light box, you would think it was two tens, link below...

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    Your set up is really clean. Nice job.

    How does that motorized LCD screen work out for you? Have any problems?!?

    If not, what model/brand is it?

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    That is a T3 and it works very well, but i cant say the same for SD...

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