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Thread: 05 Mazda RX8 Done whew :)

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    No I am not. I went with the same option as Kimota. The mazdaparts piece.

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    Nice install. I love the touch pad, I too am going to have to steal that idea.

    How do you like the 360? Are you using the bluetooth function? I didn't see you mention it. I am going to be using one in the install that I am currently working on, so I was curious as to how you like the software that comes with it.

    Great Job!

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    Thanks Todd,

    The touchpad rocks if you have room for it, been using is for a few months and still loving it.

    The 3 Sixty.2 is pretty cool the software is nice lots of options to play with. The initial setup of the 3 Sixty using the software CD is a bit tricky but not too bad.

    I'm am using Bluetooth with my CarPC and phone but the sound quality is an issue. If I use noise cancellation my voice sounds clear but is choppy if I don’t there is way too much background noise. I've yet to hear of anyone that has had really good results with CarPC/Phone Bluetooth like some of the OEM car manufacturers solutions.


    I got SoundDomain to price match the 3 Sixty.2 for around $425 if memory serves me right

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    What size barrel connector did you use to power the Aopen from the power supply or did you just cut your power brick?

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    I cut the power brick

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    Help me please

    Hello Kimota

    My name ist Robert an i also drive a Mazda RX 8 with the small engine an 192 HP.
    But i drive it in Germany.

    I have also a PC in my car so now i saw your Pc and find it very good.
    I saw the Touchpath in the middle and i tray to buy it by the shop you have linked.
    But this is very diffecault for me because my last Englich lesson is along time ago.
    So i am happy if someone can help me
    Do the shop ship to German and how much is it. Can someone help me to get the Touchpath.

    Dont drive faster then your guardian angel can fly.


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    Very, very nice setup. Looks really clean, OEM'ish....nice install
    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE

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