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Thread: 05 Mazda RX8 Done whew :)

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    05 Mazda RX8 Done whew :)

    Well finally finshed dispite a few set backs with Motherboard had to RMA it 3 times recieved 2 DOA boards .

    I'd like to THANK everybody on this forum, I would HAVE never attempted or let alone completed this project if it wasn't for MP3Car and RX8 Club forums

    Here's a Pic of the dirty girl (havent washed her in like a week)

    Name:  RX8 exterior.JPG
Views: 71146
Size:  123.9 KB

    Heres the PC in glovebox (I'll clean it up a bit latter)

    Name:  Glove box.JPG
Views: 38328
Size:  118.2 KB

    Here's the Screen Open (Transflective baby )

    Name:  RX8 Interior Screen-Console.JPG
Views: 138367
Size:  103.2 KB

    The Screen closed

    Name:  Closed Screen.JPG
Views: 45413
Size:  95.6 KB

    PS3 mini wireless keyboard, touchpad and bass knob install

    Name:  Center Console-Touch Pad.JPG
Views: 51119
Size:  90.0 KB

    My touchpad and bass knob install in center console. The touchpad rocks I use it with StreetDeck and don't even have to touch my screen even the gestures work

    Name:  Touch Pad Bass nob.JPG
Views: 52083
Size:  81.9 KB

    Sub Box in trunk ( I know its not PC related)

    Name:  SubBox.JPG
Views: 47518
Size:  103.8 KB

    Amps attached to rear of Sub Box

    Name:  Amps.JPG
Views: 35994
Size:  83.2 KB

    Rockford Fosgate 3sixyt.2 sound processor (also not PC related )

    Name:  3Sixty.2.JPG
Views: 41714
Size:  60.9 KB

    Added Usb hub underneath radio

    Name:  Usb install.jpg
Views: 40868
Size:  51.4 KB

    Name:  Usb removed.jpg
Views: 32525
Size:  43.9 KB

    It's a Vantech usb hub that a chopped up a bit and epoxied inplace.

    Name:  Usb rear.jpg
Views: 30457
Size:  64.2 KB

    Well thats pretty much it, the project took me a while to complete as I also did a complete sound system upgrade and had to relocate the PC to glove box because of heating issues (HOT as hell in South Florida . Replaced all the cabin speakers with MB Quarts, added a sub box with 2X 10" Alpine R woofers as well as 2 Alpine PDX amps.

    I'm pretty satisfied with the way it all turned out, one thing that I really love my car still looks bone stock when prying eyes look in ( we know its not )

    Again a BIG thanks to everybody on the forum especially Guino your RX8 inspired to install CarPC and Kalt I pretty much ripped off all your ideas for the motherboard


    About six months ago I replaced my Aopen i945GTt (HUGE POS) with JetWay JNF96FL-510-LF Intel Atom D510. Keep in mind the Aopen was still functional just very problematic.

    The Aopen i945GTt had been RMA'd six times and been a headache since day one you can see this thread for the list of other users that have had nightmare's with the Aopen board

    In the six months I've had the JetWay JNF96FL its been rock solid not one issue, granted the processor is not a powerful as my previous board but it more than makes up for it in reliability.

    This MB has turned my CarPC into the CarPC of me dreams

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    Ahh my nemesis :P . Nice job !

    The Touchpad is a great addition, link?

    Is the transreflective worth it? Im thinking of getting one or the new xenarcs, which claim to be brighter.
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    Nice work bro! I have an 8 too and I will be installing the car pc this mth (I hope for the components to come). Some quick questions :

    1) Did you disassemble your Aopen PC. Why are all the components (esp the heat sink) outside the system?
    2) What is the PS3 mini wireless keyboard touchpad? What does it do? Where did you buy it?

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    Thanks man I gotta try and keep up with you 350Z guys

    Here's the link for the touchpad picked it up from newegg. I flush mounted it so the buttons don't work but you donít need them as the upper right had corner of pad when touched emulates a right click and any where else is left click, Ohh and the horizontally on the far right can be used to scroll up and down.

    The transreflective is TOTALLY worth it, those pics I took where in direct sunlight at 10:00 am in South Florida (the Sunshine state).

    I'll give you another example I was at the Mazda dealership getting some warranty work done. The Mechanics thought my screen was factory and were amazed that the screen was visible in direct sunlight. They told me one of the biggest complaints they receive is how all Mazda screens can't be seen in direct sunlight. We even tested a screen on a new CX9 couldn't even come close to reading it in direct sunlight.

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    Hey XMatrix,

    1) Did you disassemble your Aopen PC. Why are all the components (esp the heat sink) outside the system?
    1. I didnít disassemble my Apoen PC, I purchased all the components and assembled myself. Originally I did have components in a case in the trunk but had to relocate them to glove box without case due to heating issues.

    This works out really well in an RX8 because the AC vent is directly above the glove box and keeps PC really cool. I highly recommend it for RX8 owners.

    2) What is the PS3 mini wireless keyboard touchpad? What does it do? Where did you buy it?
    2. Sorry about that it does read a little odd. The PS3 mini wireless keyboard is a Playstation 3 wireless keyboard (picked it up at GameStop) that works with my CarPC and is completely independent of the touchpad. The touchpad is what I use as a mouse and flush mounted it to my console. Works great as I can use it with my frontend and saves me constantly touching my screen (picked it up on

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    Nice install kimota, i love the oem look. Hows the i94gtt treating you?

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    Hiya Kalt,

    Thank man, it’s been a little rough just got another one back from RMA. Originally when I moved PC from trunk to glove box MB died in the transfer (I don't have a clue as to why). I then received 2 RMA's that were DOA the latest is working fine so I'm happy now although I still get the date issue intermittently (I can live with that) but when shes running shes Hella fast with that Core 2 duo )

    Keeping the OEM look was important to me as a few years back I had and alpine screen stolen and my entire dashboard and center console destroyed in the process, ever since then I'm a fan of the OEM look

    Hey thanks again for all the info you posted on the I945Gtt was a HUGE help

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    No problem, im currently on my 6th board and its working great so far. Your install has inspired me to post some updates in my install thread since im just about done with the carpc, the only thing im waiting for is the streetdeck bluetooth adapter.

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    Man 6th board I thought I had it bad, glad to hear your almost done with the install I'm eager to see some more pics

    Ya I cant wait for the bluetooth adaptor, hopefully we'll have it soon

    Ohh forgot to mention a few goodies I have a BU-353 gps receiver under the dash behind the monitor (gets great signal there)

    AReporter mic behind headboard so it can't be seen.

    EUB-362 EXT for WIFI in the rear winshield.

    PCC6700 smart phone in the center console for EVDO internet access

    I'm may add a slimeline DVD/RW just beneath my head unit but that can wait for a bit just gonna enjoy the install for a month or two.

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    Nice clean install. I like the stealth factor too.

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