You know when you first find this forum, you like the idea. I say I wana do it too. You download RoadRunner, you like it, you play with skins to find the one you like. You look around for that extra cpu to use .... but you never really take the next step because it involves buying a touchscreen that you know if you dont do the carputer would be pretty much a good 300$ spent in the air.

BUT once you get that touchscreen, there is no going back! Well I just steped that line.....

Here is my install on an Altima 1995. It is not the greatest install or the fanciest car but hack its mine! and that makes me happy! very!
I am not done yet, but I will be updating this with more pix as they come along...

Right now I am running the system out of my laptop just to get e sense of how it would feel like.

The screen is in place.. now I need to figure out the powering part so I can put my cpu in the car as perminent.

CPU: ( should be)
ASUS P4V8X-MX ( not too big not too small and I already have around, I dont know why I have it but hack its there I will use it)
Celeron 2.9G ( I will buy this for 40$ very soon from a used place)
40G hard ( I have already)
GPS Bluetooth receiver( I forgot the brand 150$ bought 6 months ago)
bluetooth adaptor ( I had it for while now 30$)
no keyboard, yet ( hopefully i wont need it)

WinXP Pro Sp2
Simplistique skin
iGuidance v3
winamp (duuh)
microsoft external wireless apadtor( WAN:G/B)
alot of pirated mp3s and couple of CD i bought ( my ex talked me into buying them, wont happen again promise!)

lots of time and no social life

full size pix: