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Thread: 05 RX-8 custom fab install (motorized flip-up screen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenfe View Post
    Honestly that was the most nerve racking part of the project and the very first thing I accomplished. To keep the OEM look it was essential to cut the top part out perfectly so it could be reused. One mishap would mean I'd have to purchase another dash piece and try again.

    No fancy tools used here! I simply used a new blade in a utility knife and carefully cut the plastic by hand, using a metal straight edge where possible while cutting the straight lines. Extra patients was used when cutting the rounded corners and the slightly curved back cut.

    When all was said and done, the actual gap that that I have is only 1-2mm (on all sides) which is much smaller than the OEM navigation flip-up dash piece.
    Wow that takes some serious skills and patience. Nice work

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    I saw what you did for your install. Looks good! Did you have heat issues in your trunk? I haven't had any yet. I didn't want to put it in the glovebox because I use mine heh.
    I using the 2140 DC-DC regulator when it was in my trunk I couldn't run PC for more thatn 20 minutes on a hot day without it shutting down. Keep in mind I live in South Florida hot as hell during the summer.

    Damn your install looks too good making me look bad

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    where did you get/buy the servo motor and how much did it cost, I'm looking into making a similar setup, thanks!

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    Servo's can be had at any hobby shop. Since I'm in Canada I bought mine at and it was something like $15 +shipping. To control the servo I programmed a PIC micro chip in assembly and created a small circuit board to interface with the servo, LCD (to turn the LCD on / off), DSATX (for startup / shutdown), and the button to open / close the screen.

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    This has to be one of the nicest screen installs around...

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    simply amazing. Now thats a hot install.

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    awesome install man.
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    wel im a bit sorry that i didnt buy the RX-8, it was that or either the civic Si or the Eclips, erll eclips is too heavy and i like the civics gas milage so the roitery was out, I love the car and wish i went for it but the gas milage would just kill me...

    Any car i was looking at was for a carpoter aplication and i love that the rx8 has this potion, its realy cool...

    I had a bezel for my car before i had my car(4month backorder on the Si)

    Again love the car and the screen, But anyone can cram a screen in that space You did it seamlessly... Bravo.
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    I also would be interested in purchasing the screen and ashtray setup!!!!

    Please PM me if your interested. I will make it worth your while



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