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Thread: 2007 Camry SE with CarPC, Custom Sub & Amp, Tint & Wheels

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    Looks awesome!!!

    I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but I've been away from the CarPC scene for a bit...

    What navi program is that? It looks almost stock!


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    Very nice install aseraj ,

    A question whats the Lilliput 8” 889GL-80NP/C/T like, does it perform ok in daylight? and is it the LED backlight version or not?

    Cheers and well done

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    How did you make the sub housing and how did you mount the amp to the back of your seat? I just got an 09 corolla and trying to figure this out.

    Edit: and your setup is amazing.

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    How did you mount the Voom PC-2 case under the seat? Is it bolted to the floor or it it just sitting there?

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    Awesome job man, don't know if you're still around, I see you are using meedio for a frontend. I use RR but I use meedio for htpc in the house, how do you embed with it and yeah , what is that gps software?

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    I plan to buy this for my install:

    It will save me the bother of having to get a custom-made fibre-glass bezel.

    Even though an 8" LCD will fit, I'm probably going to install a 7" because I want a gap underneath the LCD to fit my slot-loading optical drive.

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    Do you have any problems with your remote not locking your car sometimes? I ask this because ever since I installed my car PC, I usually can't lock my car unless the car PC has finished hibernating and turned off, or if I stand right next to the driver's door and press the lock button on my remote.

    Initially people suggested that my LCD is causing interference, but recently I've been through some Camry technical manuals (from and it shows that the remote receiver is located by the backseats. So maybe something else?

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