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Thread: 2006 Mazda 3 GT Sport - CARPUTER PROJECT...

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    2006 Mazda 3 GT Sport - CARPUTER PROJECT...

    Well, the 'bug' has bitten me. Once I viewed my first carputer here on mp3car -- I could not stop thinking about how effffing cool it would be to have my own carputer. So, here the research and learning has begun.
    My strong points knowledge-wise when approaching this project are:

    -I'm very comfortable with computer builds and software installs.

    My areas of weakness are:
    -no prior knowledge of installing car stereos, hence not much of clue on how to power it all. (any step-by-step instructions on this would be great)

    So, I'm doing my research first, as I would like the satisfaction of completing the entire project myself.

    Initially, this is what I want my system to do...

    PHASE 1
    -MP3 player
    -Video playback
    -DVD player
    -Sirius Satelite Radio (Howard Stern rocks)
    -Rearview camera
    -modded Windows XP bootscreen for Mazda 3's

    PHASE 2
    -OBD II Vehicle Diagnostics
    -in-car webcam
    -front-facing infared camera
    -rear headrest monitors
    -upgraded mobo & cpu

    Ok, that's lots for sure
    Here's what I have thus far:

    -Intel D201GLY Little Valley with 1.33 GHz Celeron Processor
    -Morex T3300 Mini-ITX Case
    -Metra double DIN kit - model # 99-7504

    I'll post some photos of my ride in the next few days -- and eventually I'll post tons of step-by-step pics of the progress on my carputer build.

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    should this be in the worklogs then, if you haven't finished it yet? Mods, please move, thanks.

    Welcome to the community, have fun with your build. If you have questions, use the search function first, be creative about it though. You will be flamed for asking a question about a topic that has been beating to death. Definitely post lots of pics. It will help someone else down the road.
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    yeah this should be in the worklog section, no biggy though, you're obviously new.

    Congrat's on deciding to join the craze, I've got a 2006 mazda 3 project going on myself at the moment actually. You should go take a look at that, may find an idea or two, it is by no means done, money's a little short for a 20 year old college kid... You can find it in the worklog section or in my sig.

    There really aren't too many people working on Mazda 3's in here so I think that the few who are should be helpful to others . Any questions feel free to ask

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