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Thread: 03 infiniti fx35 w/all the toys, add a carpc too? oh yeah... :)

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    Very Very Very ........ Very Nice

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    props on the FX, its unreal! This thread has got my mind wandering.....

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    Man this is really impressive work! Please keep us updated!

    Can you talk a little more about the epoxy molding compound and what other applications you can use it for? Is it easy to work with? Do you just use it like clay? Do you have the link to where you ordered it? I only found it on ebay but there's so many options. I want to try it out and I just want to make sure I'm getting the right one. I found this but it only comes in 1 gallon. I don't think I need that much? What's the quantity that you have? Thanks!

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    Looking great! How did you attach the coil over section to your gutted strut assembly? This is such a cool project, one would never guess this was once a "totaled" vehicle!
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    I just went and read your whole thread... All I have to say is this is amazing!!!Hands down one of the best jobs ever.... I usually just float around on here... But I had to give credit, where credit is due.... Amazing!

    On a side note, what would you recommend for a 06 Cadillac STS V? That is my current ride and I dislike the stock System...a lot. ha...any ideas? I am a Mac guy(but not limited to it,), and just wanted some input!. I have thought about dropping a mac mini into the glovebox and using that, but idk.. hehe...

    here is a dash picture...

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    i'm sure i subscrided ages ago and i'm still equally impressed with what you did.

    I have a question about your overhead monitor. Did you use the existing overhead compartment? or did you have to fabricate a drop down panel for the monitor to come out?

    I'm in the middle of fabricating a "hatch" from scratch as i would like to keep the existing overhead unit - however, it DOESN'T have a compartment. I dremelled out the lid and now am looking around for hardware that will make it swivel open and closed.


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    no words... just A W E S O M E project
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    This has turned out so beautifully
    CarPC: Mini-MAC Coming Soon!

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    Turbocad is this the same fx35 I see in front of the shop witih a grey bumper?
    I see that one every once in a while when I drive along 86th st.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    thanks for the compliments guys, samc, yeah, think it's the same one your talking about, my shop is on 86th st in bay ridge. damn, you've had that avi forever, beautiful girl & very nice shot, funny how some things just happen to burn into my memory

    mage, I have no idea about that carachter lcd, it came with the whole display & I have no wiring diagrams at all, just extended thew wiring one by one so no need for a diagram for my use...

    doublet, that is the material I used, don't know if they have smaller quantities, but this stuff is so nice that you can find so many uses for it that it will not be a waste to get the gallon anyway, maybe check with polymer products & see if they have a smaller setup? I do plan on adding to my bezel how-to thread with this material... awesome stuff... guys still using bondo on dashboards should really try this stuff out, it's soo much better for our use than bondo

    black02si, the coilover sleeve slides over the strut tube & is usually stopped/located/bottomed by a c clip or spring clip in a groove, but I'm welding a positive stop flange for it to bottom on. I will also silicone the sleeve so it can't rattle or make any noises, I also need to shorten the strut tube about an inch or so & then tap & thread the upper opening for the nut that will hold the strut insert into the cartridge, when I finish it I'll put some shots up to explain the procedure better with some more info...

    laling, with that sts you have a few options really, depending on how crazy you want to get with it... I'd research what kind of signal the factory screen is recieving & at what resolution & see from there... it may be possible to convert the stock lcd's signal to a regular vga signal, in that case I'd replace the screen with a high res pc touchscreen & feed the factory signal into it as an aux as a firtst choice with the least amount of butchery, either that ior do similar to my install which is relocate the factory screen (overhead or?) & put the pc screen up front & center, or, as a worse case & least intrusive install, maybe use a pc screen overhead & keep the dash all stock? depends on your goals, your acceptance levels & what you can & can't do really......

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