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Thread: Toyota Corolla '98 E111 Laptop Project

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    Toyota Corolla '98 E111 Laptop Project

    After alot of time (and pain ) i can say that my carpc is (almost) ready.
    sorry about my english (its not my first language).

    this is my hardware

    Monitor Lilliput 629gl-70np
    Soundblaster Live 5.1 ext (connects with 2 amplifiers)
    Laptop P4 2.8 512mb Hdd 60gb 7200rpm m/b Sis chipset (sis=crap)
    Psu Trust 12-->19 volt/6A
    MSI usb bt
    Fortuna Clip-On Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    And some photos

    striped car

    and (almost) everything in place

    as you can see i painted (not me actually) some things with the same color as the monitor construction.

    dont me about my english.

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    I'd clean up the trunk a bit but other than that it looks pretty good!

    Does that screen get in the way while driving? It looks like its low enough so it isn't a nuisance.

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    sick man, yea need to clean up the trunk a little.But its all good

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