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Thread: 2003 E46 M3: Mac Mini Install Complete!!!

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    2003 E46 M3: Mac Mini Install Complete!!!

    Well about 2 Years and $8000 later my install is complete!!!!

    Installed I have:

    JL 12W7 Subwoofer
    JL 500/1 Amp
    JL 300/4 Amp
    Morel Hybrid Ovation 6 speaker system
    Alpine PXA-H701 Surround Sound Audio Processor
    Alpine RUX-C701 Controller for PXA-H701 Audio Processor

    1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini(Bluetooth & Wifi)
    Carnetix CNX-P1900 with P5V(Thinking of upgrading to the newer model, this one has given me trouble)
    7" Xenarc VGA/USB touchscreen monitor
    Belkin7-Port USB Hub + additional 4 port hub in an easily accessible spot.
    Pioneer Rear View Camera
    Sprint EVDO USB MODEM Novatel U720(Fantastic speed not in motion, Decent speeds in motion)CANT WAIT FOR WIMAX
    USB BU-353 GPS Receiver
    Running Parallels with Centrafuse till a viable Mac Front End is released.
    iGuidance v4.0 for Windows
    BluePhone Elite for Mac
    Slingplayer for Windows(This program streams live tv from a networked digital cable box at home)
    I use a Plantronics Discovery 655 Headset which is fantastic,small,and weightless.
    I dont like the whole speaker thing throughout the car with this headset or any other microphone, there always seems to be too much echo when other phones are present in the car and the sound quality is usually crapola on the other end of the call unless I want to spend 400 beans on a mic. I use BluePhone Elite only to show me who is calling at the time and use my phone paired headset to answer the call, this proccess is perfect for me.

    On my wishlist:

    USB AM/FM Radio Unit: Anyone have a good option that will work with Centrafuse through Parallels.
    Sirius Satelite Radio(Waiting for Centrafuse Plug-in Development, when this is complete I will setup Mitch's Supplies )

    Pictures to come by this weekend, just getting a thread started.

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    seems like a sick setup ,can't wait to see pics, you happen to be in socal? i would love to check out this setup in person!

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    Where are the pictures at? I would really like to see this install.

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