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Thread: 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT + Infill G4 & Multiple LCD's

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    The XM radio thing looks like a bomb

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellO View Post
    The XM radio thing looks like a bomb
    And I accidently hooked it up in reverse polarity and it smoked like a bomb lol

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    Sweet setup! Do you have a service manual or do you have previous experience with this stuff? I'm looking to install an FM modulator and this is my first crack at any sort of car mod. The web is surprisingly useless for info on any Eclipse made after 2003 or so.

    Any tricks to pulling out the factory stereo?

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    Looks good! I would like to install a carputer, but I dont want to give up the stock system. I got to figure out a place to put a monitor, maybe a bracket and put in front of the radio. I don't know, this is my biggest drawback. I bought the AUX cable and plan on using that for the sound connection to the car. Anyways, good job on the system.

    btw: fellow Club4g member here

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