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Thread: 1983 Celica GT-S

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    1983 Celica GT-S

    Don't see much this age around here, figured some old school jap import might put some perspective on what things can be done with older cars
    I put a large emphasis on a more budget approach to this, so I opted for a Micro ATX vs the ITX board, etc. It does mean that everything is a little snappier than the slower 1ghz ITX guys :P

    AMD Semperon 3000+
    512 megs Corsair DDR2
    Samsung 80 gig Notebook SATA HDD
    M2-ATX PSU
    SP7 screen
    BU-353 GPS
    Megasquirt EFI
    Profile AP400 amps
    Infinity Reference series 6.5" 2 way's up front
    Infinity Reference series 1050w sub (not installed yet).

    Considering I was going for a budget install, I don't have a lot of the extra features that can be worked out, those will be coming in the future.
    Primary screen:

    The bezel is completely hand made from 1/8" ABS sheet stock. I wasn't a big fan of the texture, but it looks muuuuch better in the car than the completely smooth side.

    Test fitting the screen bezel:

    Test fitting the bezel in the car:

    Engine management software. Allows direct tuning of the engine whenever I need to, without having to carry out the laptop.

    The computer itself:

    The cap will be moving soon, my other AP400 will be installed there for the sub when I get the box finished.

    To give the hatch a nice clean look I made this:

    Carputer? What carputer? :P

    It's not the fanciest install on the boards, and it's certainly not the most feature packed, but it brings that part of my old school car into the present, and it's got a lot of "wow!" factor with my friends

    Here's a couple of the car itself, for those who don't know exactly what an 83 Celica looks like

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    LOVE the car itself, and I see someone's been playing with aftermarket engine mods too
    I've never seen a Celica with that sort of nose before - looks a bit like a Rover SD1..

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    What engine management software/system are you running? I have a 1990 Celica GT and I'm interested in what you're running for that on the possibility it will work with my car.

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    I'm running Megasquirt. It's a DIY stand alone system that can be had for far less than any other stand alone... and is a good place to get the kits.

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    Man I really miss my 85 Celica Supra. Other than the engine and front end, the GT-S and Supra look exactly the same.

    Nice install.
    2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
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    Here is my 85 celica gts current state.

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    that's better than most 03 models. nice job

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